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The Consumer is King.
We’re in a tough economy. We all know that. And we know that one of the forces that will eventually propel our recovery will be consumer spending.


General Outsourcing Package: You give us a project and a price. We’ll do our best to make it work for you.

Qualitative/Quantitative Research: We'll deliver the research to help you better understand your brand, your differentiation and your relevance in the marketplace, with in-depth qualitative interviews and tailored, quantitative online surveys.

Brand Repositioning Package: We’ll do a complete strategic analysis of your brand(s)  and refine its positioning to be particularly appropriate to today’s consumer goods  environment. Package includes strategic analysis, Brandloft’s proprietary Brand Buzzword process, and creative development.

Brand Introduction Package:  You give us a new brand and a budget and we’ll develop a complete introductory program including strategic thinking, identity development, ads, banners, collateral, a website, SEO, and social networking platforms.

Ads a la carte: If you just need to outsource individual ads – or a series of ads – due to internal staffing and/or budget issues, we can manage the campaign for you at a price that you can afford.

Customized Packages: Whatever your marketing needs might be, we have the experience to pull together the talent, the brainpower and the creative resources to make it work for you at a price you can afford.


We also understand that brands that continued – and even increased — their spending  during the Great Depression overtook their competitors and/or expanded their marketplace dominance. Brands like P&G,  Camel cigarettes, and Chevrolet.*

Our top economists tell us that the stimulus package will have a multiplier effect of 1.7. For every dollar spent, it will create  a $1.70 in GDP.

We think the same holds for marketing expenditures. Those brands brave enough to spend now, will find that their $1 in spending during the recession will have multiple dollars of impact as the recovery unfolds.

At Brandloft, we’ve worked with small companies in the beverage and sporting goods industries to help them effectively introduce new products. We’ve even helped a regional aquarium effectively promote a  major event on a very tight budget.

Our partners at Brandloft have a wealth of  Madison Ave and corporate experience – where they’ve worked on brands like Sears (“The Softer Side of Sears”), Macy’s, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, AT&T, Kraft, and American Home Products, among many others.

With Brandcarte from Brandloft, you can draw upon this reservoir of experience and talent to solve your most vital marketing problems during these challenging times — at a price that's affordable and with a team that will act as your virtual staff.

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For more information, please contact Brandloft partners Mark Baxter, Roger Chiocchi or Ed Libonati at 203-857-4141.


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