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What Does an Elephant have to do with a Golf Club?

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Flip through any golf magazine and most of the ads look the same. So how does a small player in the golf club industry with limited resources make its highly unique product stand out against this mass of sameness?  Management at Heavy Putter turned to Brandloft to give them work that was way better than the competition.



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The Heavy Putter is a revolution in golf club technology. The putter’s heavier head weight engages the upper arm muscles while its higher balance point disengages the hands. In testing, the Heavy Putter proved superior to all leading putters and was reviewed positively by the trade. It was faced with negative impressions, however, that it weighed more than other putters, and golfers might be reluctant to try it.

This independent company needed to build awareness and trials among golfers nationwide against major established brands. Brandloft created a inventive campaign that broke through the clutter, and quickly turned a perceived weight issue to their advantage by inviting direct comparison with the heavyweights of golf.

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The Heavy Putter is becoming the best-selling putter in its class and its “Weigh Better” campaign developed by Brandloft received the Stevie (American Business) award for best magazine campaign in 2007 (the second time in three years that a Brandloft campaign has won a Gold Stevie in print advertising.)


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