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Repositioning Existing Services into a
New Dynamic Brand.

  ABN Ad

Magazine Ad Campaign

SES AMERICOM delivers an array of satellite-based services to large enterprises across the US, including network redundancy, disaster recovery services, and real-time access to remote locations. As these services continue to grow and change with new technological developments, SES works with Brandloft to transform and build them into a highly relevant brand as North America’s leading business satellite communications service.

  ABN Ad


E-mail campaign landing page

The latest new branding campaign — encompassing print, online banners, emails, and targeted splash pages — is highly targeted to a niche audience:

• Key IT personnel at large enterprise-sized businesses,

• VARs reselling services to businesses with remote locations throughout North America,

• Senior IT personnel in business geographies susceptible to the elements, and

• Executives in the oil and gas industry.

ABN Premium

C-Level Premium Campaign

Additionally, fifty C-level decision makers were identified to receive a special seven-point touch CRM program that reached them via email and dimensional mailings.

Results have exceeded industry expectations. The campaign against key C-Level decision makers generated a 40% response rate, with impressions delivered via highly-targeted web-based programs, and email open rates that significantly surpassed B2B norms.

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Web Banner Campaign






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