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How Brandloft helped loft a new satellite.

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The launch of SES AMERICOM's newest satellite, AMC-21, was an occasion to celebrate, particularly with one special audience – Oil & Gas companies that need to stay connected with their remote locations.

Nearly all oil & gas service companies based in the U.S. use AMERICOM satellites to ensure their offshore and extremely remote locations stay connected day and night, upstream and downstream alike. The launch of AMC-21 put even more satellite capacity in orbit to help them connect, expand and secure their businesses, with coverage of all 50 States and the Gulf of Mexico.

SES Americom asked Brandloft to communicate this newest North American business satellite to that highly targeted market – and gain sign-ups for pre-launch pricing on the new satellite.

Oil & Gas Box

This dimensional mailer drove home the point that AMC-21 made it easy for the Oil & Gas industry to connect all over North America.

The resulting campaign underscored how easy it is to "connect your dots" – your remote locations at sea or on land – with the addition of AMC-21 to the SES Americom fleet.

  AMC 21 Brochure


Splash Page

Eight hundred decision-makers were identified to receive a special, integrated CRM program that reached them via email, special landing pages, direct mail, targeted telemarketing, and dimensional mailings. Half of this Oil & Gas target received a specially boxed, popular-themed children's book ("Gaston Drills an Offshore Oil Well") and a campaign themed "With AMC-21, Connecting your Dots is Child's Play!" The "control" group received a two-fold postcard with the same information.

Results have more than met expectations, generating high quality leads and interest on a cost-effective budget.




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