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Brandloft helps iUniverse give Publishing a Facelift.

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The publishing industry has undergone tremendous change over the last several years. One of the key drivers of this change is the emergence of self-publishing.  iUniverse is one of the leading brands in this dynamic, new – yet sometimes misunderstood – segment.  iUniverse chose Brandloft to help define this new face of publishing.

The emergence of Print-On-Demand technology – as well as the growth of online booksellers – enabled the birth of today’s self-publishing industry.  iUniverse was at the forefront of this market’s development. Yet, there were many misconceptions about  this new industry.

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Many industry observers confused self-publishing with “vanity publishing.”  However, there were striking differences.

iUniverse turned to Brandloft to help burnish its brand and explain this new world of self-publishing.  Brandloft began by conducting a thorough strategic analysis of the marketplace and iUniverse’s role within it, developing a positioning statement for the brand. Then, along with key members of the iUniverse team, we conducted one of our proprietary Brand Buzzword sessions, where we distilled the positioning statement down to one single word.

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The Brand Buzzword for iUniverse was “Propel.” With iUniverse, aspiring authors do not have to wait  months and even years to have their manuscripts reviewed by agents and then publishers before they have a chance of getting to market. With iUniverse, an author’s book is on the market within 90 days.   In effect, iUniverse “propels” authors  into the marketplace.

Brandloft’s work for iUniverse won the Stevie (American Business) award for “Best Magazine Campaign.”  More importantly, though, the campaign helped establish iUniverse as a key player in this new marketplace and helped build submissions from aspiring authors.






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